Are you paying too much to the utility company?

No appliance or device in your home sucks as much electricity and energy as your air conditioning, heating system and lack of heating repair Fort Worth TX. And this can go as high as up to 60% of your monthly bill. Also, nothing in your home can reap a return on investment like having a new high efficiency air conditioning and heating system installed in Fort Worth, Texas.
For example, the vast majority of homeowners who finance a new comfort system find out the monthly savings on utilities often pay for the monthly finance note! Sometimes even more. It’s doubtful you could make the same claim about new plumbing, a new roof or a new electrical panel or any heating repair Fort Worth TX.

​How does a new home comfort system save me money?

The S.E.E.R rating of your air conditioning home comfort unit measures its efficiency, this is important for the heating repair Fort Worth TX. S.E.E.R. stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It is especially useful for consumers to compare operating expenses of different units using this figure. The higher the S.E.E.R. rating means the higher the efficiency. It is very similar to miles per gallon on your car. The higher the mpg the more you save at the pump. Also, the higher the efficiency rating, the more the initial cost of the system. S.E.E.R. equals the total cooling produced over the cooling season/Total electrical energy used over the cooling season.

​Is it time to discuss a new home comfort system or heating repair Fort Worth TX?

Very old air conditioning systems often have low S.E.E.R. ratings, around 5 or 6 and may need heating repair Fort Worth TX. The newer units have ratings of 11 or 12.The lowest efficiency rating available today for central air conditioning is 13 S.E.E.R. The highest efficiency units also however sometimes come with a high price tag and can reach efficiency ratings of 18 to 26 S.E.E.R! When considering these new ac systems it’s important to consider how much money you will save on your electric bill. Your Comfort Advisor can give you a more detailed analysis of your energy savings versus the initial cost of a high SEER unit. He will also mea-sure your home with an Heat Load Calculation taking into account each detail of your home including window size and type, which direction the house faces, size of each room, existing ductwork – even the color of your roof has an effect on your total comfort that must be calculated for the proper size system that will not only meet your comfort needs and your budget but provide much needed energy savings as well.

​You can cut your energy usage up to 55%!

You bet. For homeowners who have an old 8 S.E.E.R. system and decide to invest in a new 16 S.E.E.R. comfort system, it cuts your usage for air conditioning in half! Below is an example:

NOTE: Every one ton of cooling equals 12,0000 BTU’s per hour, like a 3 ton unit is 36,000; a 4 ton is 48,000 BTU’s, etc.

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Old System

Step 1                                     Step 2

​36,000 BTU’s (3 ton system)  =  4500  =  4.5 Kilowatts (amount of power used)

   8 SEER                                1000 x .10 Cents per kilowatt hour (kW) cost

                                                                      .45 Cents per hour

​New System

Step 1                                     Step 2

​36,000 BTU’s (3 ton system)  =  2250  =  2.25 Kilowatts (amount of power used)

  16 SEER                               1000 x .10 Cents per kilowatt hour (kW) cost

                                                                      22.5 Cents per hour

​Step 3

​Here in Fort Worth the average daily usage of a/c electricity for a summer season amounts to 2200 hours.

​So, for 2200 hours of usage   x     45 cents  =  $ 810.00 annually with the 8 SEER unit

​And 2200 hours of usage    x     22.5 cents  =  $ 405.00 annually with the 16 SEER

​That’s $ 405.00 of utility overpayment annually by keeping the old system. Also, bear in mind that we used the calculation above based on 10 cents per kilowatt hour. Many homeowners are paying up to 13 cents per kilowatt hour of power usage. So the savings can go even higher! This can help with your heating repair Fort Worth TX.

Now, if your consultation with one of our Comfort Advisors shows your home needs a smaller unit than what you currently have – then the savings would increase. On the other hand, when the Comfort Advisor performs the Heat Load Calculation on your home, it might show you need a slightly larger system – in which case your savings would not be quite as high. But you would be more comfortable with the proper size system installed. And don’t forget your heating repair Fort Worth TX.

​And just because this is Texas – bigger does not mean better!

As a case in point, take my personal experience. Moving into a 10 year old home in 2009, I immediately wanted to upgrade the comfort systems. After performing the Heat Load Calculation, it was determined that my existing 5 ton system downstairs was one ton too big! And the 2.5 ton system upstairs was a half ton too big! So, a four ton and a two ton 18 SEER systems were installed. The utility bills went from $500.00 per month down to $300.00 per month and kept the family comfortable at 72 – 75 degrees even during the hottest summer in 30 years. Admittedly, many folks are skeptical about investing in a smaller system. But if we use the same procedure for our own homes it will work for yours as well. Remember, you and your spouse will go through a consultation period with the Comfort Advisor to determine what your comfort level is and what your expectations are along with your needs and your budget. Plus, not only will you stop overpaying the utility companies by investing in a new system, but it puts an end to costly heating repair Fort Worth TX bills and frustrating breakdowns. By owning a new high efficiency energy saving comfort system you come out a winner all around.

​The 10% rule of thumb for S.E.E.R. ratings

Theoretically, each S.E.E.R. rating point equals approximately 10 percent. Some folks want to jump to conclusions that if they invested in upgrading their system from a 10 S.E.E.R. system up to an 18 S.E.E.R. comfort system they would automatically save 80% on their air conditioning bills. This just is not the case. The reality is, the maximum savings is about 55% with new, sealed ductwork and the system – along with a few extra inches of insulation blown in. But still, cutting your bill in half is a major accomplishment. And remember, rules of thumb are just a starting point. If you rely on them too much they might just poke you in the eye.

​Can I save like that on a new heater as well as a new air conditioner?

Yes. With the advances in modern technology, furnaces are vastly more efficient than in the past. Take a typical furnace in a 1,500 square foot Fort Worth home. It will probably have an 80,000 BTU rating when you really only need about 40,000 BTU’s on a 25 degree Fort Worth winter day! What does that mean to you? Well, your old furnace is usually so big can heat your house and your neighbor’s too! That’s right. The typical gas furnace is almost always oversized here in Texas so as to match the blower with the air conditioner outside. Also, take into consideration that same size furnace has to do full duty in much colder climates like Michigan or Minnesota where they really have a winter. But here in Texas you could just about heat you and your neighbor’s home with that size heating system with the

To the rescue -Two-stage heating is the solution!

This is a great advance in modern day gas heating – the two-stage gas furnace. It operates just like it sounds, with two stages. For example, if it is 45 degrees outside you don’t need an 80,000 BTU blast furnace running just to take the chill off. So, your new two-stage unit drops into low stage (about 60%) to keep you cozy. Next, when that first Texas Blue ‘Norther rolls in, the new furnace kicks up to high stage to meet the demand. In other words, if you need all the heat your furnace can provide then it is there for you. But if you don’t need the whole thing, why pay for it on a mildly cool day? It’s just like you car. The speedometer reads over 100 miles per hour but we rarely (if ever) get to that point.

​Higher efficiency furnaces for today’s consumer

Let’s take a look at even more energy savings with a new high efficiency furnace in the example calculation below:

​Step 1
Old Furnace 100,000 BTU (4 ton system at approx. 2000 square feet)
75% Efficient (the other 25% goes straight up the flue pipe)

Step 2
New Furnace 100,000 BTU (4 ton system at approx. 2000 square feet)
95% Efficient (the extra 20% heat is recirculated)

This calculation is easy to see there is a 20% drop in utility overpayment – which is money in your pocket. And couple the 95% efficient furnace with a two-stage furnace and the savings go higher! For instance, with my first two-stage 95% furnace at a previous home, the bill for monthly heating dropped 30%. Needless to say, my wife and I were thrilled. And you will be too.Our guarantees are in place for your peace of mind and protection.

​OK, this is all well and good – but what if I want a Heat Pump?

Relax. No problem here. Anyone who has a straight electric resistance furnace or air handler in the closet or attic can easily drop their utility overpayment by about half when switching to a new Heat Pump. Here’s an example:

​Let’s say you have a 1500 square foot home with electric heat only. An electrical measuring device we use called an AMPMETER says your heater is using about 60 AMPS of electricity when the unit is running. If you look at your utility meter outside it looks like a flying saucer because it is spinning so fast! But with a Heat Pump, that same AMPMETER would only be showing about 30 AMPS on a cold day. This obviously is half the usage. So, if you don’t have natural gas in your area (or choose not to) and only have electric heat, then the Heat Pump is definitely the way to go. Just be ready for the heating repair Fort Worth TX when you need it.

First Time Customers Get Get Diagnostic Fee Waived ($89 Value)*, Fill Out This Form To Get Started

​But what if I already have a Heat Pump?

Excellent. You are already ahead by not have straight electric heat. And the new high efficiency Heat Pumps can be two-stage just like the furnaces with efficiencies all the way to 26 S.E.E.R.! The energy savings you want are here today. Call now to schedule a time for the Comfort Advisor to come out, find out what you’re looking for, what your needs and your budget are, and help him build the new high efficiency comfort system that is just right for you and your family.

​Thank you. If you have questions or want to meet with a Comfort Advisor concerning not only improving your home air conditioning, heating repair Fort Worth TX, and lowering your utility overpayment, but reduce your carbon footprint as well for a better tomorrow, call today. Also remember you can count on us for your heating repair Fort Worth TX.


​”After Thompson’s installed my new system and all new ductwork, my electric bill dropped from $900.00 down to $200.00 per month! And you can quote me on that.”
Tommy Williams Fort Worth July 2010

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