Furnace and heating repair Fort Worth TX

We know the chilling blast of a Texas winter is coming. And we know the great fall weather 

can change in a heartbeat to the bone breaking cold of a Blue ‘Norther. When it does change in an instant, are your sure your furnace is repaired and ready to perform, do you need a heating repair Fort Worth TX? Are you sure your home furnace or heating system is safe, clean and efficient as it can possibly be? Well, now you can be!

Call today for your furnace service and repair and save $25.00

Our environmental furnace service and repair is here for your comfort. But if you call now you can save $25.00 off the tune up total! Let us tune your furnace to proper working

condition so you can be cozy and warm continually in your home. 

Will my heating repair Fort Worth TX last?

Our technicians are background checked and drug tested for your protection when you need your heating repair Fort Worth TX. Their job is to focus on your particular furnace and repair it with high quality parts and materials and then test the temperatures, voltages, and amperages for quality assurance. It takes time to do it right. They will enter your home with a clean uniform, identification badge and floor savers on their work boots to protect your flooring. And they will carry special meters, tools and devices that help insure your furnace is repaired right the first time. But we don’t stop there. We guarantee your furnace will work through the existing season or we will return to repair it with no service fee charged to you.

After the diagnostic period, we will inform the homeowner exactly what went wrong, what it will take to perform the proper heating repair Fort Worth TX and how to possibly keep it from happening in the future. It’s your home! You need to be informed every step of the way. After the repair, we’ll run the system through its paces for proper performance by cycling the furnace several times while checking for amp draws, and proper temperature rise across the furnace.

Gas Line Inspection 

Your furnace runs on either natural gas or propane, the technician  will need to check it for leaks and monitor its gas or propane consumption using special equipment. Gas leaks are a significant safety risk that should be addressed as soon as possible. 

Signs your furnace has a gas leak 

If there’s a gas leak, you might smell something like rotten eggs or sulfur. Gas and propane are odorless, but companies add Mercaptan to give them that distinctive, awful smell that lets you know right away something is wrong. If you suspect your furnace has a gas leak, contact a heating repair technician immediately. 

But remember that foul smell could be a possible warning sign of a plumbing issue. If you’ve been experiencing a lot of plumbing issues lately or have noticed foul smells emanating from the drains, it’d be a good idea to have a drain and sewer repair contractor inspect your plumbing. 

Cleaning the ports and gas valve

The technician will also inspect the combustion efficiency of your furnace’s burner when needing your heating repair Fort Worth TX. A technician can tell if a furnace isn’t burning gas efficiently by checking the gases produced during combustion and comparing them with the furnace’s specifications. Higher heating costs could also be a sign of inefficient combustion. The furnace should be producing heat efficiently, but if it is not, the technician will clean ports – called “SPUDS” on the gas valve. 

Checking the wire connections on your blower motor and high voltage components 

If, on the other hand, you have an electric furnace installed, the technician will check all its wire connections and see if the motor is consuming more electricity than the amperage rating indicates it should. If your furnace is consuming more electricity than necessary, the technician will try to diagnose the exact cause. Sometimes on electric furnaces components stick in the “ON” position and can really run up your electrical bill. If this is the case the technician will inspect your electrical output and respond accordingly if it seems way too high for the application. However, depending on the cause, furnace repairs may be needed.

Your safety and comfort are our concern

That’s why we use the latest technologies and training to insure your system is safe,

clean and efficient as possible. Check out our rating with the Fort Worth Better 

Business Bureau. It is an A+ rating because we care about you.The Better Business Bureau is there to give potential customers peace of mind about the contractors they are looking to hire. Years ago many thought the Better Business Bureau was merely legalized extortion – where you pay someone so much a month to tell others you are a “good ole boy”. But that is just not the case. The Better Business Bureau is a vital link from the consumer to the contractor. You can tell in a glance if they might be someone you consider doing business with. Our A+ Rating is there because we don’t have unhappy customers. We have had no unresolved complaints since joining with the Better Business Bureau in 2003. And we have had only one complaint in that entire time – which was from a new homeowner who purchased a home from one of our clients and were confused about a warranty issue on their air conditioning and heating system. And the situation was resolved immediately.

So, the Better Business Bureau does indeed provide an essential service to help home and business owners to feel comfortable about choosing the right contractor and heating repair Fort Worth TX.

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your furnace or heating system tune up. Be ready for the coming winter chill. With our team of winning professionals, guarantees and more efficient operation – not to mention comfort – and don’t forget the $25.00 off the total tune up. That tune up will only  cost $124.00 and can save you hundreds of dollars in excess utility usage and give you and your family the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

*Diagnostic fee is waived with residential customers only and must be with same-day repair.

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