Club Membership: The Service Plan You Need

Club Membership

Priority Service
No service fee for Emergency services
2 Tune Ups a year ($300 Value)
Discounts On Repairs and New System
Service Within 24 Hours




Keeping your air conditioning and heating system running in top performance not only saves money on utility bills but keeps you comfortable in your home in the hottest and coldest weather for your AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your system is doing what it should – when it should – is just one less thing you have to worry about with a hectic schedule. Also, It’s so easy to forget about the importance of maintaining your comfort system. It’s out of sight, and out of mind and often taken for granted until the unexpected happens. That’s right. It breaks down. Now, older systems in particular always pick either the hottest day in the summer or the coldest day in the winter to decide to break down. And that puts you and your family in a bind. That’s where the Club Membership Maintenance Program comes in real handy. Many times utility saving alone can cover the cost of annual maintenance. It’s like keeping your car tuned up. We do that so we don’t break down on the wrong side of town late at night. And if we keep our cars tuned up – why not our air conditioners? After all, once you are home and the car is in your driveway, it is done for the night. But not your AC. It continues to run off and on all night to keep you just right in your lovely home. Your system is the one thing you own that has the most moving parts other than your car. And neglecting maintenance on your AC companies in Fort Worth TX can lead to costly unexpected repairs.

Two Tune Ups Per Year

With your Club Membership we include two precision tune ups per year per system from your AC companies in Fort Worth TX. We tune your unit up in the spring to prepare for the onslaught of a brutal Texas summer and in the fall to be ready for whatever our Texas winters can bring. Folks are incredibly busy and usually don’t have the time to remember to schedule regular tune-ups. Besides, it’s takes quite a bit of effort to keep our cars tuned up. And you know how we love our cars! That’s why we remind you in advance when it’s time to schedule your seasonal spring or fall tune up – when it’s convenient for you. We email you in advance during the spring and fall and help you schedule a convenient time for us to come out and get your system back to “factory fresh” condition. Now, the tune up takes about an hour or so per system. We use an array of electronic meters and thermometers and special gauges to inspect your system for optimum performance, safety and efficiency. Depending on the season, we clean your outdoor coil for both lower utilities and better performance. We inspect airflow and refrigerant levels, drain lines, kinked ducting, tighten high voltage electrical fittings, circuit boards and relays and compressors and capacitors. The list goes on depending on which system you own. In other words, a tune-up is not just checking your freon. It takes time for AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Then we inspect your refrigerant levels, check each safety device to make sure it is working in case something should happen, clean the air conditioner in the spring and the furnace in the fall and tighten electrical fittings, lubricate motor bearings, tighten belts, measure voltages and amperages to see if you have components that need a today repair to keep you from having a breakdown when it is a hundred degrees or 25 degrees. Afterwards we let you know what we discovered, if anything, and see if you need a repair now, or to save up for an impending repair in the near future. These are the procedures we use to maintain the comfort level you demand in your lovely home or office.

Priority Service

Front of the line “Rock Star” treatment is definitely a plus if you have an emergency breakdown. You might not be a rock star or even like that kind of music. But what you will like is our response time when you call. Typically, many other companies will put you on the “back burner” for tune ups. Not Thompson’s Cooling and Heating! Your call is important to us. Sure, we hear that every day on recorded phone messages while we wait on hold forever. However, with a money saving Service Agreement YOU decide which plan works for your investment, needs and budget. For example, if five people call us from the internet or Yellow Pages and you call at the same time, we come to your house first because you are trusting your home comfort to us. If three percent of the air conditioners needed repair in Fort Worth at the same time – all of the AC companies in Fort Worth TX would be backed up for three weeks. It happens every year when that blistering Texas heat or bone chilling cold from a Blue ‘Norther blows in. But with a Club Member Service Agreement the chance of an emergency breakdown drops dramatically from have two tunes ups per year included with your membership. But if a breakdown were to occur you can rest assured we would find and/or make a way to get to you asap to get you back on the road to home comfort!

Arrival Time

Arrival time for Club Members is key to getting an emergency repair back on line as soon as possible for AC companies in Fort Worth TX. As a Platinum Member you can enjoy same day service as long as you call by 4:00pm. We keep a slot open for Club Member emergencies each day. And as a Gold Club Member you receive service within 24 hours of your call. Remember, if only 3% of Fort Worth home have a breakdown, all HVAC companies are “swamped” for three weeks. It’s even worse for heat waves. And you know we get those here in Texas. The above arrival times are benefits of being a Club Member to give you peace of mind and continuing comfort in your home or office and to ensure you know we care about about you and your loved ones throughout the year with our strange and unpredictable weather patterns.

Repair Discounts

Repair discounts are an important benefit as a Club Member as well as priority service and arrival times. We offer discounts on repairs that average 12% so you aren’t paying full price. And our discounts are not just made up in our head. We have algorithms in our software that calculate the discounts on each repair. And they are in writing on our Ipads with each repair you choose if and when it is needed. We can offer these discounts because, over time, we know your system like the back of our hand and have your repair parts on our “rolling supply houses” over 90% of the time. That’s why we roll around in 14 foot box trucks. We bring the supply house to your house for speed, convenience and your comfort.

System Replacement Discounts

Replacement system discounts are available when, over time, it just doesn’t make sense to continue to repair an outdated system, most AC companies in Fort Worth TX don’t do this. For example, systems with the no longer available R-22 refrigerant are usually in need of replacement because R-22 ceased to be manufactured on December 31, 2019. What is currently in stock is all there is ever going to be and the supply is dwindling even at this moment. It was a great refrigerant for many, many years but was deemed by the United States government as harmful to the ozone layer and had to be eliminated; therefore, repairs on those systems with no warranty can far outweigh the decision to invest in a new home comfort system with a 10 year warranty. Unfortunately, this is a conversation we have to have almost daily. And the benefit of a 10% system discount can help offset the cost of owning a new system. And since we are so familiar with your equipment we can offer this discount because we can get the new equipment ordered, delivered and installed faster and more efficiently than for other customers as AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Also, we haul off your old system as a courtesy and don’t charge you for the service to do so. Many companies charge to haul off your old, obsolete equipment just to get more money. But we do it for free! And we recycle as well. For instance, we store your old system through the summer and, if we have a slow day in the fall, instead of sending our men home early, we recycle the old equipment to help the environment too.

Our Business – Your Comfort

Our job as AC companies in Fort Worth TX is to keep you comfortable in your home or office. Without your trust and faith in us we wouldn’t survive. And we want you to be happy with us and continue to utilize our products and services. This is why we offer the Club Membership Program. With our hectic, incredibly busy lives where 24 hours sometimes just doesn’t seem enough, it helps knowing your equipment is running at peak performance, and this just gives you peace of mind and one less thing to worry about. We do care about you. After all, our company Mission Statement is: Thompson’s Cooling & Heating is committed to meeting the indoor comfort needs of our clients through constant training and new technology implementation with a focus toward quality and professionalism. And our Vision Statement is: We promise to provide the best customer and employee experience in Fort Worth. So we try to do this every day. And sometimes we make a mistake. But if we do we own up to it and do our best to make it right. After all, on the back of every invoice we have is this statement: Remember that any company can make an honest mistake, but it is what they do about it that makes the difference. We will work to make things right with you; that is our promise.

As AC companies in Fort Worth TX you can see, these two plans we offer – Platinum and Gold – help to arrange scheduling to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. The choice is yours. And our clients just love them. It’s an easy reminder from us to put the seasonal tune up on your schedule to help you stay comfortable and safe year round. Also, when the occasional emergency repair arises, you are not caught waiting a week for a stranger to show up when it’s 100 degrees outside. Remember, you get the “rock star treatment.” And isn’t it about time? So call Thompson’s Cooling and Heating today at 817-560-4300 and stay safe, economical and comfortable with a Service Agreement Plan. It’s just one less worry for you and your family with such a busy life. We look forward to helping and serving you as your go-to AC companies in Fort Worth TX.

*Diagnostic fee is waived with residential customers only and must be with same-day repair.

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