Air Conditioning Tune-Ups

Most of us are very good about tuning up our beloved cars and trucks. We do so every three thousand miles or more and do so pretty faithfully. And we are used to getting the oil and filter changed, along with new spark plugs and maybe the distributor and cap because we just do not want to break down on the road.

So why not tune up our AC and furnaces and heat pumps with AC companies in Fort Worth TX?
But when it comes to our air conditioning and heating systems, many of us wait until it is too late. And we usually have a breakdown on the hottest or coldest days. Then we have to try and find a reputable company that will repair the system right.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. With pre-scheduled maintenance and precision tune and cleans you can be ready for life’s unexpected twists and turns by having your air conditioning and heating system evaluated BEFORE hot or cold weather hits. And have it done when it is convenient for you.

At Thompson’s Cooling and Heating of AC companies in Fort Worth TX, we are ready to help you prevent a costly and frustrating breakdown on a 100 degree or 20 degree Fort Worth day. We come out and thoroughly evaluate and seasonally inspect your air conditioning or heating system with one of our background checked and drug tested technicians for a low $149.00

Be ready because our precision tune and clean takes time. Typically 60 – 90 minutes depending on the type, size and location of your system. And the evaluation includes checking the safe operation of your equipment because it is, after all, high voltage electrical and most often natural gas devices. We use an array of electronic meters and thermometers and special gauges to inspect your system for optimum performance, safety and efficiency. Depending on the season, we either clean your outdoor coil for both lower utilities and better performance, or we clean your furnace vestibule and burners for proper gas flow. We check the operation of your indoor or outdoor fans and blowers against the manufacturers’ ratings. We inspect airflow and refrigerant levels, drain lines, kinked ducting, tighten high voltage electrical fittings, circuit boards and relays. The list goes on depending on which system you own. In other words, a tune-up is not just checking your freon. It takes time. This is quality you can count on.

But what if you find my tune up turns into a repair?

No problem! We bring our supply house to your door as your AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And we book in two hour windows -not days- to get you comfortable faster! Our team of State registered and certified technicians are clean-cut, background checked, drug tested and knowledgeable for air conditioning repairs and service in Fort Worth. We repair your system right the first time – or we come back for free! And you can rest assured you are in good hands by looking not only at our over 100 positive reviews but also our stellar record with the local BBB. Our reviews are from homeowners and business owners just like you – very busy with work and life and family. So you don’t want to have a technician over every other day for the same repair. That’s why we strive to fix it right the first time. But do mistakes happen? Sure. Mistakes can happen to anyone. And if you look on the back of each and every invoice you will see my personal pledge to you in writing: first, thanking you for choosing our company from over 2500 in the metroplex area. Second, how important your business and comfort are to us. Thirdly, if we make a mistake it is what we do about it that makes the difference.
We will work to make things right by you; that is our promise!

​How will you know us?

Easy. Each technician will be clean cut with a
clean white uniform shirt with his photo and identification – along with the US Flag on one sleeve and a loving Texas flag on the other. And at Thompson’s Cooling and Heating we present your repair options upfront so you can make the decision on what level of repair you need or want.. So you know the exact price BEFORE the work is done. And our pricing is in writing up front so there is no guess work involved. We don’t charge by what you have parked in your driveway or the type of home you own. It’s the same for everyone – in writing and UP FRONT.

And our repairs are guaranteed

Plus, our repairs are guaranteed for one year – parts and labor – and we back this claim in writing for your peace of mind and protection on every invoice. After all, this is your castle. And we treat you and your home with the utmost in respect because we appreciate your business.

When can I schedule my precision tune and cleaning?

You can schedule right now with one of our customer care coordinators. They take pains to make sure all of your information is available and ready for the attending technician to make the right decisions on your equipments’ tune up for AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Their job is to LISTEN to you and your needs and schedule accordingly. Next, a clean-cut technician will call you when they are on their way for your convenience. And you will know them because of their ID badge with their picture and information they wear showing not only who they are and who they work for, but also that they are drug tested and background checked for your protection and peace of mind.

First Time Customers Get Get Diagnostic Fee Waived ($89 Value)*, Fill Out This Form To Get Started

We respect your home and your equipment

Plus, every technician with AC companies in Fort Worth TX will wear floor protectors while in your home to protect your floors and carpets from dirt, mud and debris from the outside. After all, your home is your castle. And our job is to not only precisely tune your system, but to make sure we don’t make a mess and respect your property because your business is appreciated. After all, we are there to make things better – especially with your comfort – and not worse.

The dog days of summer are here now – so don’t delay

Now is the time to call the AC companies in Fort Worth TX before the Texas weather gets out of hand. And we all know it will. Our people are standing by to schedule your precision tune and clean for your convenience, energy savings and peace of mind. And how can you go wrong? Our work is backed by a 100% money back guarantee – in writing on every invoice! So call Thompson’s Cooling and Heating today at 817-560-4300. Your comfort is just a call away.

*Diagnostic fee is waived with residential customers only and must be with same-day repair.

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