Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

​If your company is in need of a replacement rooftop system to keep your clients and employees cool, calm and productive, then Thompson’s Cooling and Heating is the right AC companies in Fort Worth TX choice for you. We carry the right system for your needs and budget. And we even carry commercial leasing/financing plans for your office, plant or church. When your building or office air conditioning system goes down employee morale goes down with it. There are screams of discomfort and cries of just letting them work from home. Now, with the advent of the Coronavirus, many employees are, in fact, working from home. But those left at the office need comfort as well

Our guarantees gives you the peace of mind to know you have chosen AC companies in Fort Worth TX that cares about your commercial comfort. From specialized adapter curbs and crane services to sheet metal ductwork fabrication and installation, we have the experience, knowledge and pride to install it right the first time because we realize downtime costs you in revenue, productivity and employee retention as well as making sure your focus, like ours, is on our clients.

Many times a special adapter curb must be fabricated to adapt from an old, obsolete rooftop air conditioner to that of a new one that simply will not fit the existing application; therefore, local sheet metal manufacturers must know the dimensions of the obsolete equipment as well as the dimensions of the new replacement so as to fabricate what is called an adapter curb to get the proper air flow and fitment. Unfortunately these adapter curb can take from seven to ten business day to be fabricated – especially during the heat of a busy summer. But when it is finally made you can rest assured that the fit and inherent airflow from the new equipment will perform according to plan.

Next is the correct Crane Lifting Service for the application. Too small of a crane for the job means uncomfortable delays for the AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And a crane that is too big means unneeded extra costs involved. Plus the Crane driver and air conditioning contractor must safely work in tandem to provide a safe and efficient work environment. They must both be on the same page to effect the proper outcome – quickly and most importantly SAFELY!

Next your new rooftop mounted air conditioning and heating system must be installed and wired and prepped properly. Computerized dip switches, belt adjustments for correct air flow and proper unit sizing all come in to play here. Remember, just because this is Texas – bigger is not always better. A unit installed that is too big for the application will cool the area below so fast it will not have time to remove the moisture; therefore, it might feel cool but can feel “clammy” as well. And this can lead to health concerns.

And another concern and efficiency feature are the SEER ratings of the equipment for the AC companies in Fort Worth TX. SEER rating stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. And these days they begin at 14 SEEr and go up. It’s always a good idea to purchase the highest efficiency system you can afford to help lower your utility usage. And another energy saver is an economizer package. An economizer is merely an electronic damper that brings in fresh air when the outdoor temperature is 55 degrees. It also shuts down the compressor where only the blower is running and bringing this cool “free” air into the building. All units over four tons must have an economizer per building codes.

Here at Thompson’s Cooling and Heating, we have found that installing the style and type of brand that fits your particular application in the quickest and most economical manner is the one that’s right for you. Besides, most commercial systems carry the same warranty – five years on the compressor and one year on all parts and labor. And while extended warranties and labor packages are available, most businesses want their old broke down equipment replaced now so their business will continue to run smoothly.

Whether you demand a large self-contained rooftop mounted package unit or a small, one
room mini-system to cool a computer server room, we have the equipment for you.

Code Compliance

Bear in mind in the greater Fort Worth the City Commercial Codes are changing for AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Many rules are in place necessary for your comfort and safety. For example, if your building is 16 feet tall or taller, you must have a permanent ladder attached to the building per City Code. Also, if your new system is over 4.5 tons, it must include an economizer, which, when installed properly, gives you “free cooling” inside the building when it is 55 degrees outside, by turning off the compressors and bringing cool, fresh air from the outside. Now, these features cost more up front but benefit the building owner for years to come. And other code requirements can include safety smoke shut off detectors in case of fire, 7-day programmable thermostats for round the clock operations. Still others include the correct amount of fresh air that must be brought into the commercial structure. And one common oversight is if your system is 10 feet or closer to the edge of the building, it must have a safety rail to protect from falls. These codes and requirements may seem silly, but they can save lives and lawsuits as well as energy and comfort.

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​Make sure your cooling and heating company stands apart from the rest and delivers the best with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And then, when you have a cooling or heating need – RELAX! Thompson’s Cooling and Heating can turn your comfort nightmare into a dream. Call today for an in-home inspection and Load Calculation of your home and protect your family’s safety and comfort.

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