What is Whole House Zoning?

Whole house zoning is essential to AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Imagine turning the faucet on in your master bathroom and having the water come on in your kitchen. Or imagine turning on the light in your den and all the lights in the house come on. Obviously you would know something is terribly wrong with your plumbing or electrical systems. And the sheer cost of utilities, if that happened, would be enormous. And yet this very scenario happens every time your air conditioning and heating system cycles on. It delivers cool or warm air to every room of the house – whether you need it or not. Worse yet, the ac is the most expensive appliance to run in your household.

Whole House Zoning Is Modern Day technology

Fast forward to the present day modern, energy-efficient air-conditioned home in Fort Worth, Texas. If you want the temperature 73 degrees in your master bedroom at night, 74 degrees in the kid’s rooms, and 78 degrees in the rest of the house, you can do it! This is done with whole house zoning, with virtually a thermostat in every room. So you have total control over where your hard-earned energy dollars are going – just like you do with the water faucets and electrical light switches in your home.


How Does Whole House Zoning Work?

AC Companies In Fort Worth TX Zone Whole HouseZoning is performed through the effective placement of electronic dampers connected to your ductwork in the attic or under the house with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Each damper is tied to one or more ducts running to single or multiple rooms. And while it is certainly possible to have a thermostat in every room, it is not as cost-effective as a well-planned zoning system. Now, many homeowners already have a very basic form of whole house zoning. This is where there is one comfort system for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. This is usually the case when homes are built over 2500 square feet. And often, single-story homes of this size or larger have two systems to condition the large single-story home. Check out the illustration below for zoning possibilities:

One popular zoning strategy is where families have elderly members move in for more attentive care – say, a mother in law suite.. A properly installed zoning system can:

  1. deliver cool air at 73 degrees to the master suite
  2. cycle off cooling then cycle on heating
  3. deliver 80-degree comfort to the elderly members
  4. cycle back and forth for continuous comfort for the entire family

For more information on whole house zoning visit our friends at EWC.com

Whole House Zoning Strategies

Another strategy is for people with different sleeping patterns. This could be where the den is set for a particular temperature for “night owls” to enjoy comfort while staying up late. Meanwhile, other parts of the house can maintain a constant temperature.


The Possibilities Are Endless

With a zoning system and AC companies in Fort Worth TX, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination and comfort level. If there are rooms you don’t need as cool, while other rooms demand more cooling, this is certainly possible. The only limitation is the size, age, and condition of your existing air conditioning and ductwork system.

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The Bypass Damper

AC Companies In Fort Worth TX BypassAnother fantastic feature of the zoning system is the bypass damper. For example, let’s say you have four zones in your home with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. If only one zone is calling for cooling, the other three zones are off. But your air conditioning system will still produce its maximum output. So the extra air not being used has to go somewhere. This is where the bypass damper comes in. With only the one zone needing cooling and the other three shut off, the bypass damper opens and allows the excess air to flow back into the return side of the air conditioning system. And remember, this is already conditioned air. So this actually supercools the air to the open zone and cools it faster to satisfy the thermostat (and you) in that room quicker. And the same applies to heat.

There are two types of bypass dampers:

  1. Electronic bypass – absolutely the best. It modulates electronically to put out a constant volume of air to each zone.
  2. Biometric bypass – a more economical option. It is controlled by a series of weights depending on system pressure drops for proper control. Below is a simple diagram of how a bypass damper works in a zoning system.

Variable Speed Drive

The best in whole house zoning includes the electronic bypass damper for superior control, a high-efficiency two-stage air and heat system with Variable Speed Drive for the ultimate in comfort, control, and energy savings, this can be done with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Variable Speed blower motors are incredibly efficient, quiet, and, most importantly, dehumidify the air in your home. The variable speed technology can actually wring enough moisture out of the air on a hot Fort Worth Texas day to fill a bathtub. Now that is a lot of moisture! Also, a proper whole house zoning system cries for a variable-speed blower. In tandem, these two industry must-haves create a comfort zone in your home like no other. And do they last? The first two this company installed in 2004 and 2005 are still in service with no malfunctions. There are many brands of zoning systems that do a great job. But we have found a lasting partnership with EWC Zoning and Controls. Their tech support and products are first rates.

For more information call your Thompson’s Cooling and Heating comfort advisor, who will be able to inform you of each step needed to have a quality zoning system installed along with a high-efficiency comfort system that is guaranteed.


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