Programmable Thermostats for Your home

Among the many available accessories for home air conditioning and heating systems, none are more used or misunderstood than the thermostat with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. This is the interface to controlling your comfort and your utilities as well. You tell the thermostat what to do. And it tells the system what to do. You dial or punch in the desired temperature and hope your comfort is met without breaking your budget or your patience. Many styles and choices can be had. There are many styles and choices to choose from with a thermostat. While some folks want the bare bones, most basic thermostat made, other people demand the most advanced controller to suit their comfort and busy lifestyles.

​Digital-Programmable Thermostats Installed and Repaired in Fort Worth, Texas

By far the most popular thermostat today is the digital-programmable thermostat. They have come a long way in just the last 5-7 years with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. Early models were hard to read, harder still to program, and just plain confusing. But today’s models have large easy to read LED windows, simple programming instructions, and user-friendly interface. Also, some manufacturers offer a 1-800 number hotline for both consumers and contractors. But there are some digital programmable thermostat misconceptions. Since the thermostat is the one thing we check on almost a daily basis, it is often the first component suspected of failure when your system stops working. Many folks have run to the local home store to pick out a replacement thermostat only to end up having two problems instead of one! Whatever the original problem was – plus the new thermostat – which is very often installed by the homeowner incorrectly.

In frustration, many homeowners then resort to calling a technician with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And with wires hanging out everywhere it is even difficult for a seasoned professional to sort it out quickly. Each hanging small wire performs a particular function and must be addressed properly. Call us first! At Thompson’s Cooling and Heating, we are professionally trained to test and repair your thermostat. And with NATE certifications, you can rest assured we can repair or replace your thermostat to your satisfaction – and comfort.

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​Various Styles and Choices for Programmable Thermostats

At the bottom of this article are just a few styles and choices of today’s thermostats:

The first is an older Honeywell digital non-programmable thermostat. Very simple and inexpensive and yet it holds a much tighter temperature control than the old mercury switch types of thermostats.

The next is a Honeywell 6000 Pro Digital Programmable thermostat. It was and still is one of the most rugged and dependable thermostats on the market today. It has largely been replaced with the more sleek T-4 and 2 stage T-6 (more square looking) model shown below. The last two images include the Honeywell 8000 Pro Touchscreen thermostat. It boasts a very large viewing surface and no buttons –only a touch-sensitive screen to navigate options.

The image above is the Honeywell 8000 Pro Wi-Fi Touchscreen thermostat. It boasts a very large viewing surface and no buttons –only a touch-sensitive screen to navigate options. And, most popular today is the Wi-Fi capability to be able to control your system from wherever you are as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection!

Tips For How You Can Get The Most Out of Your Digital Programmable Thermostat!

​By using your digital programmable thermostat properly, you can save hundreds of dollars every year! Here’s how:

​The average household astonishingly spends more than $2,000 per year on energy bills. Half of that goes directly to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Yet you could probably save $200 or more each year by properly setting the digital programmable thermostat that hangs on your wall. Programmable thermostats did not replace the old dial thermostats because they look better or are easier to set. They possess superior technology – technology that can help save you money! If you have a digital thermostat hanging in your home, here are some tips on how you can better use it to your advantage:

​Most programmable thermostats come with different temperature settings for different times of the day. For example, you can have a different temperature for when you wake up and a different temperature for when everyone is gone for the day. By adjusting and implementing these settings based upon your actual needs, you can maximize your energy savings.
​Plan before you program your digital programmable thermostat

Consider your family’s schedule and comfort level when deciding on your pre-programmed temperature settings, because once it is set, you shouldn’t touch it with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. By touching it, you’ll override the temperature settings and thus waste energy – and money! Use the recommended energy-savings temperature settings as a starting point. then, if need be, change the overall settings to fit your family’s needs. Protect your settings. Resist the urge to override temperature settings. Once you’ve set your programmable thermostat, leave it alone. Overriding pre-programmed temperature settings is a common mistake made by homeowners, which results in higher energy bills and discomfort.

​Raising or lowering your thermostat to extreme temperatures won’t heat or cool your home faster. it just makes your HVAC system work harder. When a programmable thermostat is used properly, your home is always at a comfortable temperature when people are at home.


​Use Your HOLD Button

Most programmable thermostats have either a “vacation” or “hold” button. You have these buttons for a reason. use them when you are leaving your home for an extended period of time. When on “hold”, your thermostat should be much higher than normal (when in the summer) and lower than normal (when in the winter).And don’t forget to check the batteries. Most modern thermostats have a notification of weakened batteries. Often the display will read “low batt” or something similar. But not all programmable thermostats indicate when batteries must be changed.


​Take the Time to Get Out the Manual

It may not be fun, but break out your digital programmable thermostat’s manual and give it a read through. The manual will explain how you can properly set and maintain your thermostat for optimal savings. If you don’t have the manual any longer, visit the manufacturer’s website. It is likely they will have the information you need to set it. By using your digital programmable thermostat the way it was intended, you’ll find yourself saving energy immediately. In doing so, you’re saving yourself money while helping the environment. If you don’t have a digital programmable thermostat in your home, call Thompson’s Cooling and Heating at 817-560-4300. ​

These tips will help improve the amount of energy your home comfort system uses. However, if you are serious about saving maximum energy dollars and becoming environmentally responsible, call for a free in-home proposal and Heat Load from one of our Comfort Advisors and see how you can significantly reduce your energy bills with a high-efficiency system. Call Thompson’s Cooling and Heating today!

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