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Hi. David here. I have written the following articles to help answer the most common and recurring questions we get while in the field and in your home or office. For our existing clients these words may ring familiar because these are the same words I speak to you on a daily basis. I have just compiled them into articles in order to help potential customers and clients reach decisions more accurately for their home comfort and AC companies in Fort Worth TX.

  • These articles include: 
  • Whole House Zoning 
  • Indoor Air Quality 
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Understanding Your System
  • Club Membership Maintenance Program
  • Premium Comfort Systems and others

These articles are derived from conversations myself and our technicians have had with customers just like you. They are compiled here to give you an upfront understanding of different features, programs and benefits we provide for your home and office comfort. Also, below is a typical service call we provide and what goes into it…

Having a stranger come into your home can be a daunting task with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. You want to know as much about this person as possible before letting him/her past your threshold. This is why we strive to park in the street directly in front of your home with one of our company trucks. That way you know what company has arrived. We also park in the street so as not to block your driveway – for several reasons. The first is that someone in your family might have to leave and doesn’t want to be hindered by someone blocking the driveway. Secondly, if we parked in the driveway, you might not be able to see who we are. Thirdly, even though we do our best to maintain our service vehicles, if one of them were to have some type of leak, you wouldn’t want that staining your concrete.

Next, when we do arrive – usually after calling to let you know we are on our way, we knock and/or ring the doorbell and take two steps back. That way you can see us fully through the peephole almost everyone has on their front door. We don’t crowd the front door because this can be scary to some folks with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And we want to take any hint of impropriety out of the equation of our visit to your home. Another reason we step back is so you can see our uniform, picture identification badges and, most of the time, our service truck over our shoulder – all in one glance – to help verify who is at your home. Also, when first arriving, we don’t carry a tool bag to the front door. Our first job is to listen to what you have to say so we can better prepare ourselves to service or repair your air conditioning or heating system. Shifting a heavy tool bag from side to side keeps us from focusing on finding the problem the first time. After we listen to your experience with the problem then we excuse ourselves to get the proper tools and investigate the problem fully.

Speaking of tools in our bag. These things can weigh about fifty pounds or more and include mechanical and electronic testing equipment that can climb to $5,000.00 or more with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. This is so we can diagnose and repair your system as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. We are probably only going to get one chance to earn your business and we have to do it right the first time. In this shake and bake microwave world of today second chances are rare.

Upon entering your home we put on “shoe booties” or floor protectors to protect the floors of your home. This is just a common courtesy. If we were to track in mud or dirt from the last service call you would be angry – no matter how good we were at repairing your system. Also, with today’s health climate in turmoil, we use disposable gloves and face masks and sanitizers for your safety and ours. We are BIG on safety – yours and ours. We want you to be comfortable and safe in your home and want the same for our employees. We come to work with ten fingers and ten toes and want to go home to our loved ones the same way. 

After entering your home we are well aware that this is your sanctuary away from work, traffic and the grinds of daily life. And we respect that. And we respect the fact that 80% of the time women are alone in the home and want to help them feel comfortable. Usually I personally pay a sincere compliment about something in the home like: “Your draperies are lovely. My wife would really like them.” This isn’t a saccharin attempt for you to like us. But it is an attempt for you to feel comfortable with our being in your home by not only paying a sincere compliment to you but to let you know I am thinking about my wife who could also be in the same situation at the same moment with the plumber or pool guy. Are they trying to make her feel at ease?

Now, we won’t dawdle. You called us out for a reason. Something is not right with your home comfort system and you want it fixed now. Not later. Not after 10 minutes of chatter. Now. That is why our next statement is usually “What brings us out here today?” Boom. Right down to business. I mean, what have you had to do to rearrange your schedule during a hectic day to squeeze us in for some unexpected breakdown?

First Time Customers Get Get Diagnostic Fee Waived ($89 Value)*, Fill Out This Form To Get Started

Once we gather enough info to begin diagnosing the problem we utilize our array of specialty tooling and our years of experience as AC companies in Fort Worth TX to find out what is happening, what can be done about it, and what we can do to keep it from happening in the future. We will present to you the problem, how it probably happened and what can be done to repair the problem. And we don’t come up with a price based on what you have parked in the driveway. No. Our prices are in a book we each keep with us or in a tablet app we have these days. We will present to you several options of repairs for you to choose – not just “Here, take it or leave it”. I wouldn’t want anyone to do my wife that way and we won’t do you that way. 

We will show you several levels of repair for you to choose with the prices right next to each repair – and the warranties too. You can choose a long lasting premium repair or a band aid type of repair that will get you by for today with AC companies in Fort Worth TX. And the accompanying warranties can be from a comforting two years for a repair down to ten days warranty for a band aid repair. No judgment here. We don’t know your budget or financial situation. It’s just like going to a restaurant. The waiter gives you a menu and you choose what you want depending on your desires and budget. It’s the same with us. We won’t back you into a corner. It’s your home and your comfort system and you are in charge. We are there just trying to help get your life back to normal. Thanks for listening. We’ll talk later! 

*Diagnostic fee is waived with residential customers only and must be with same-day repair.

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