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Service Agreements


We want to make sure that you have the antidote to a/c and heater breakdowns: 

Thompson’s Cooling and Heating thanks you for allowing us to serve you. We wanted to remind you of your option to enjoy a Service Agreement. It’s so easy to forget about the importance of maintaining your comfort system. It’s out of sight, and out of mind and taken for granted until the unexpected happens. That’s right. It breaks down. Now, older systems in particular always pick either the hottest day in the summer or the coldest day in the winter to decide to break down. And that puts you and your family in a bind.

Just like a car, a furnace or air conditioner needs to be maintained.

If not, you’re faced with higher utility bills, the possibility of expensive repairs, and the chance of a breakdown when you really need it most. That’s why we offer you a solution to make sure that you never find yourself facing the sweltering heat or the freezing cold with a broken down home heating or AC system. A Service Agreement gives you:

  • “Rock star” statusthat puts you at the front of the line whenever you need service on       your home’s comfort system
  • Lower utility billsby allowing us to keep your system in tip-top shape
  • A “no surprise” clausethat prevents you from being surprised by a sudden break
  • Secured “preferred pricing”on any services or equipment you receive from us including allergy relief systems and duct cleaning.

To get all of this just call us and ask about our Service Agreement program. We look forward to serving you in the future!technician_and_heat_pump_op_220x320

Service Agreements

The very popular Thompson’s Cooling and Heating Service Agreement program is a multi-leveled maintenance plan sure to fit your budget. It is a pre-paid set of two seasonal tune-ups per year (spring and fall) full of money saving discounts and priority service.

We remind you to schedule

Like we mentioned on the Tune-Ups page, keeping your system running properly will save you money, time and frustration from an unexpected breakdown during our nasty Fort Worth weather. 

But admit it. Folks are incredibly busy and usually don’t have the time to remember to schedule regular tune-ups. Besides, it’s takes quite a bit of effort to keep our cars tuned up. And you know how we love our cars! That’s why we remind you in advance when it’s time to schedule your seasonal spring or fall tune up – when it’s convenient for you.

What is the Service Agreement Plan?

  • Two pre-paid precision tune-ups per year
  • Priority “rock star front of the line” treatment
  • Three choices to fit your needs and your budget
  • Discounts on emergency repairs
  • Discounts on service calls
  • Discounts for system replacements
  • First Alerts for specials and coupons
  • Guaranteed results

The two pre-paid precision tune and cleans per year

Be ready because our precision tune and clean takes time. Typically 60 – 90 minutes depending on the type, size and location of your system. And the evaluation includes checking the safe operation of your equipment because it is, after all, high voltage electrical and most often natural gas devices.

We use an array of electronic meters and thermometers and special gauges to inspect your system for optimum performance, safety and efficiency. Depending on the season, we either clean your outdoor coil for both lower utilities and better performance, or we clean your furnace vestibule and burners for proper gas flow. We check the operation of your indoor or outdoor fans and blowers against the manufacturers’ ratings.

We inspect airflow and refrigerant levels, drain lines, kinked ducting, tighten high voltage electrical fittings, circuit boards and relays and compressors and capacitors. The list goes on depending on which system you own. In other words, a tune-up is not just checking your freon. It takes time.

Priority “rock star front of the line” treatment

You might not be a rock star or even like that kind of music. But what you will like is our response time when you call. Typically, many other companies will put you on the “back burner” for tune ups. Not Thompson’s Cooling and Heating! Your call is important to us. Sure, we hear that every day on recorded phone messages while we wait on hold forever. However, with a money saving Service Agreement YOU decide which plan works for your investment, needs and budget. For example, here are our three plans with features, discounted repair rates and response time:


$29.95 per month on your credit card
Same Day Service (guaranteed before 8:00 pm)
$59.00 service call on emergency repairs
Two pre-paid tune ups per year
Heavily discounted repair rates
10% discount when replacing your old system

BEST Value Plan

$19.95 per month on your credit card
Service within 24 hours
$59.00 service call on emergency repairs
Two pre-paid tune ups per year
Moderately discounted repair rates
5% discount when replacing your old system


The choice is yours

As you can see, these two plans help to arrange scheduling to fit your needs, budget and lifestyle. The choice is yours. And our clients just love them. It’s an easy reminder from us to put the seasonal tune up on your schedule to help you stay comfortable and safe year round. 

Also, when the occasional emergency repair arises, you are not caught waiting a week for a stranger to show up when it’s 100 degrees outside. Remember, you get the “rock star treatment.” And isn’t it about time?

So call Thompson’s Cooling and Heating today at 817-560-4300 and stay safe, economical and comfortable with a Service Agreement Plan. It’s just one less worry for you and your family with such a busy life.