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How can you do business these days without written guarantees? Well, unfortunately, for the most part, the days of the honorable hand shake deal are gone.
But when it comes to investing in a new high efficiency air conditioning or heating system, your peace of mind is all-important.

After all, most of us purchase less than two air conditioning systems in our lifetime. We buy more homes and cars and even roofs than most of us ever buy air conditioning systems. 

And since the most important day in the life of a new comfort system is the day it is installed, it is equally important to make sure your new investment in both comfort and utility cost reduction is guaranteed – in writing!

That is why we at Thompson’s Cooling and Heating believe in posting our guarantees in writing – on our proposals, invoices and online. And our guarantees include the following: 

We guarantee all our work for One Full Year Parts and Labor.

“Remember that any company can make an honest mistake, but it is what they do about it that makes the difference. We will work to make things right by you; that is our promise.”
                                                David Thompson – President
A home heating and air conditioning system will always cost you more to own than to buy, and the money you spend over the life of the system will be far more than the initial purchase price. But having some knowledge at your fingertips will help minimize that cost.

If you’d like to learn more concerning SEER ratings, ect.— or just about how  Thompson’s Cooling and Heating can help make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and cost-effective— contact us. We are here for you.